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Reasons to Choose Mandhu College Virtual Campus

Why choose Mandhu College Virtual Campus

  1. Real-time live online courses: We are the one and only College in Maldives that offer live-stream lectures in any distance learning programs.

  2. You choose from a number of courses!

  3. All the courses are nationally accredited (MQA approved) and recognized internationally.

  4. You can significantly reduce travel costs and decrease time away from job and family.

  5. We provide dedicated student support, whenever you need it.

  6. You study the same course material, and have access to the same level of lecturers support as the students enrolled in the Male’ campus.

  7. All of our course lecturers are experienced professionals in their field.

  8. It's discreet: Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something hard to understand that co-students have no problem with. Mandhu Virtual Campus allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

  9. It's cost effective and saves time: By reducing the time taken away from the office, removing travel costs and doing away with printed materials, online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity, at the same time manage work-life balance while studying.



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