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Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle School)


Bachelors of Education (Primary & Middle School)

This program will enable students to acquire a thorough understanding of modern psychology, learning theories, educational sociology and the development of teaching methods. Furthermore, students will explore modern concepts related curriculum organization and assessment as part of their course content. Furthermore, students completing this program will study a subject area of their choice in depth and master its content to enable them to use them in teaching. Moreover, at the completion of this program students will be exposed to educational research methods and will have an opportunity to practice under guidance. Furthermore, students are also expected to have gained adequate experience in the school setting and become familiar with specific issues within the education system of the Maldives.

Course Information:

Course Code:                          BEDPM

MNQF Level:                           7

Course commencing in1:          January, May and September

Course offered:                       Main Campus (Male’) and Virtual Campus (YOUR HOME)

Credit point:                           390

Duration:                                3 academic year (15 weeks of study per semester)

No. of Semesters                     6

Entry Criteria:                         Successful completion of Higher Secondary Education OR
Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR
Attainment of a Level 4 Foundation Study Program approved for the specific Diploma program.

Alternative Criteria:                20 years old, Completion of a Level 4 qualification in a (unrelated) and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available at Mandhu College) OR

20 years old, Completion of secondary school, 2 years of relevant work experience, and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available at Mandhu College)

Modules Offered2:

Year One: Those who exit end of this year, will get Diploma in Teaching (135 credit points)

Science Education 1 (0761)

Environment and Social Education 1 (0749)

Developmental Psychology 1 (0759)

Language Education 3 (0758)

Language Education 2 (0762) 

Art Education (0733)

Language Education 1 (0760) 

Teaching Practicum (0755)

Mathematics Education 1 (0750)






Year Two: (those who exit at the end of this year will get an Associate Degree/135 credit points)

Applied Literacy across the curriculum (0756)

Educational Assessment 1 (0751)

Mathematics Education 2 (0753)

Theories of Learning (0767)

Linear Algebra 1 (0405)

Euclidean Geometry (0412)

General Linguistics (0607)

Language Skills (0622)

Science 1 (0502)



Year Three: (Final Year of the Degree/120 credit points)

Educational Sociology (0743)

Curriculum Studies (0710)

Technology in Education (0742)

Educational Philosophy (0763)

Introduction to Educational Research (0744)

Contemporary Issues in Maldivian Education (0745)

Educational Assessment 2 (0741)

Psycholinguistics and Language Learning (0615)

Course Fee:   to pay in 412 installments (monthly before the 5th day of each month)

Registration: MVR 1000 (one-time payment)

Installments (monthly) MVR 5,000 x 2 (1st payment of each semester)

                                   MRV 3,000 x 10


1depends on the number of applicants.    2includes core and electives                    

31st payment of each semester     4final year ONLY



Student Finance Scheme

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