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Bachelor of Business Human Resource


This course aims to produce graduates who are able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment and who can operate effectively in the business world of today. The course is designed to provide combination of business, accounting, management, marketing and human resource management skills. Those specializing in accounting will develop excellent conceptual knowledge and technical skills in financial accounting, management accounting, corporate finance, taxation, auditing and financial analysis. Similarly those pursuing a marketing degree will develop a fundamental understanding of marketing principles, while also developing a strong business base. These students will also have the opportunity to study a range of contemporary marketing units and obtain training in researching, planning and delivering a marketing strategy. Students opting HR management program will learn strategies to manage people and construct workplace arrangements that respond to organizational and human needs. The course is ideal for students who are interested in business but would like to focus their studies on human resource management. The increased realization that human resources are a vital organizational capability has given human resource management a critical role in the achievement of organizational effectiveness. In order to achieve competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking at human resource management at the operational and strategic levels..



Course Code



Business and Management Department(BMD)

MNQF Level



January May and September


Main Campus (Male’) and Virtual Campus (YOUR HOME)

Credit Points



3 Academic Year (6 Semesters)

(15 weeks of study per semester)

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of Higher Secondary Education OR
Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR
Attainment of a Level 4 Foundation Study Program approved for the specific Diploma program.

Alternative Entry Criteria as per MQA’s Requirement

20 years old, Completion of a Level 4 qualification in a (unrelated) and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available in Mandhu College) OR

20 years old, Completion of secondary school, 2 years of relevant work experience, and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available in Mandhu College)


Year One: Those who exit end of this year, will get Diploma in Business (120 CP) 

Principles of Management (0932)

Principles of Quantitative Methods (0933)

Principles of Accounting (0934)

Principles of Business Communication (0935)


Management 1 (0938)

Economics (0937)    

Marketing (0939)

Accounting (Management & Accounting)* (0936)

Salesmanship (Marketing)* (0951)   

People Resourcing (HRM)* (0952)

*Specialization electives


Year Two: Those who exit end of this year, will get Associate Degree of Business (120 CP)

Principles of Business Law (0940)

Quantitative Methods (0941)

Information Technology Management (0942)

Managerial Economics (0943)


Consumer Behavior (Management)* (0945)

Business Finance (Management)* (0944)

Brand and Service Marketing (Marketing)* (0954)

Product Development (Marketing)* (0953)

Staff Training and Development (HRM)* (0956)

Payroll & Reward Management (HRM)(0955)

Management Accounting 2 (Accounting) 0308

Management Accounting 1 (Accounting) 0307

Marketing Research0947

Human Resource Management0946

*Specialization electives


Year Three: Final Year of the Bachelor of Business (120 CP)

Management Accounting (0307)

Cost Accounting (Management)*/ (Accounting)* (0305)

Public Relations 2 (0906)

Advertising, Sales and Distribution (Marketing)* (0957)

Organization Theory (0920)

Human Capital Management (Human Resource Management)* (0925)

*Specialization electives

Course Fee: to pay in 412 installments (monthly before the 5th day of each month)


MVR 1,000 (one-time payment for all students)

No. of Semesters


Monthly Installment

On Campus / Virtual Campus

MVR 4,500 x 2 (1st payment of each semester)

MRV 3,000 x 10


1depends on the number of applicants.

2includes core and electives

31st payment of each semester

4Final year ONLY

Student Finance Scheme

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