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Associate Degree in Teaching (Primary and Middle School)

Associate Degree in Teaching (Primary & Middle School)

At the completion of this program students are expected to be competent in a discipline of their choice in terms of content, skills and methods of inquiry in the disciplined. Students are also expected to have a thorough understanding of the modern educational psychology, learning theories, educational psychology and the development of teaching methods. Furthermore, students completing this program will have a sound knowledge of their specializing subject; English language, mathematics, science or social science. Furthermore, students will gain cognitive skills and general academic skills required to complete their undergraduate studies and explore research concepts.

Course Information:

Course Code:                           ADTPM

MNQF Level:                            6

Course commencing in1:          January, May and September

Course offered:                       Main Campus (Male’) and Virtual Campus (YOUR HOME)

Credit point:                           135

Duration:                               1 academic year (15 weeks of study per semester)

No. of Semesters                    2

Entry Criteria:                         Successful completion of Higher Secondary Education OR
Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR
Attainment of a Level 4 Foundation Study Program approved for the specific Diploma program.

Alternative Criteria:                20 years old, Completion of a Level 4 qualification (unrelated) and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available at Mandhu College) OR

20 years old, Completion of secondary school, 2 years of relevant work experience, and successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program (available at Mandhu College)

Modules Offered2:

Applied Literacy across the curriculum (0756)

Educational Assessment 1 (0751)

Mathematics Education 2 (0753)

Theories of Learning (0767)

Linear Algebra 1 (0405)

Euclidean Geometry (0412)

General Linguistics (0607)

Language Skills (0622)

Science 1 (0502)


Course Fee:                          to pay in 12 installments (monthly before the 5th day of each month)

Registration:                          MVR 1000 (one-time payment)

Installments (monthly)           MVR 4,500 x 2 (1st payment of each semester)

                                           MRV 3,000 x 10

1depends on the number of applicants.        2includes core and electives        31st payment of each semester


Student Finance Scheme

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