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Why should you choose Mandhu College?

When you choose an institute for your higher studies, it is important that you consider very carefully the options available to you. Every institute is different in many ways. The important thing is to choose an institute which offers the kinds of things you need and are looking for.

At Mandhu College, we ensure good quality delivery of study programmes and offer a wide range of subjects and courses you can choose from. As a result, we have earned an excellent reputation among employers as an institute which produces quality graduates, and a similar reputation as an institute which fosters academic rigour among academic and intellectual circles. So if you are looking for an institute which will allow you to develop to your full potential in academic studies, Mandhu College is the place to study. Further, as the College offers programmes in different areas of study, there is a student community with varied interests and your interactions with students studying in other disciplines will enrich your knowledge further.

The College community is a lively community, and students from all parts of the Maldives come to the College to study. Hence, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to make friends from across the country and build excellent social networks for when you start working. The College also maintains an alumni forum so that you can interact with your friends and the College long after you finish your studies. The social, cultural and sporting programmes of the College enrich your experiences. So if you are looking to build a network of social contacts and an enjoyable College experience, Mandhu College offers you those opportunities. Through these varied experiences, you can develop your various skills of leadership and working with others.

In terms of facilities, Mandhu College offers you spacious and comfortable lecture rooms in a comfortable environment. For the purpose of delivering quality and effective lectures and tutorials, lecturers have access to modern multimedia and audiovisual equipment. The college also has fully equipped Computer Laboratories, a Resource Room with printing, binding and other ancillary facilities. The Resource Room offers a modest collection of reference materials and books and the services of trained staff to assist students in their research assignments. The Resource Room also provides photocopying, binding, laminating, laser printing, and colour printing services to students at low rates. Students have access to unlimited broad band internet, 14 hours a day. A new addition to this line of services includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the internet provided to students free of charge. It also enables students to use notebooks to access their working files on the server wirelessly. The institute also subscribes to an international database of journal articles and online libraries, for which students have unlimited access. The College offers you an environment, where students will enjoy learning with its finest facilities and internship programmes and dynamic activities of the student Association of the College.

Through our commitment to provide quality education, Mandhu College has become a highly recognized and respected institution among the increasing number of educational institutions in the country.

So for a truly exceptional educational and social experience, choose Mandhu College. And the best part is, Mandhu College offers the lowest fees and the best facilities among all the Colleges in the Maldives.

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