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Teaching Faculty


Ibrahim Ismail (Chairman of the College Council)

Mr. Ibrahim Ismail is an alumnus of University of Canberra where he obtained Master of Education in 1993. As part of the Master’s Degree, Mr Ibrahim Ismail completed his thesis on Education Planning in Small Island States. Prior, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University of Canberra in 1991.He has conducted groundbreaking research in the field of education in small island states and proposed new theory on same in his postgraduate work. Mr. Ibrahim Ismail has served several political and administrative functions in the government of Maldives, including the position of Head of Policy Research, Head of Curriculum Development, and Head of Examinations in Ministry of Education for over 10 years. He also served as the Chair of the Drafting Committee of the Constitutional Assembly which wrote the 2008 Constitution of the Maldives and as the member of Parliament for Male’ Constituency. A strong proponent of human rights and liberal democracy, he served as an Advisor to the first democratically elected President of the Maldives. He also poses experience in several research consultancies for various agencies including ADB, IDB, UNDP and UNICEF. Mr. Ibrahim Ismail has been lecturing in the field of educational sociology, philosophy and related areas for over 20 years. In 2013, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail was awarded the University of Canberra Distinguished Alumni Award for his outstanding contribution to Maldivian Education and promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in the country. Currently, Mr. Ibrahim lecturers Contemporary Issues in Education for Bachelor of Education program.


Aishath Shafina

Ms. Aishath Shafina completed Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with Law from University of London. Prior to then, she worked at the Australian Red Cross in the Maldives and the Ministry of Environment. She later completed her Postgraduate Diploma in International Humanitarian Law from National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR).  She conducted research on access to higher education in the Maldives for her Master of Development Studies at the University of Colombo. Ms. Aishath Shafina has served in several administrative functions in the government of Maldives, including the position of Project Director in President’s Office in 2012 and Project Manager in SAARC in 2013. Currently Ms.Shafina is working as the Bureau Chief (Office of the Chairman, Mandhu College).


Hafeeza Afeef

Ms. Hafeeza Afeef completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Primary and Middle School) from Mandhu College. Prior to this, she completed her Diploma’s in the field of Primary Teaching, Middle School Teaching and School Management from Maldives College of Higher Education. She further completed her studies in Educational Management at the Maldives College of Higher Education.  She was also appointed to the position of the Secretary of the Middle School Subject Teachers Committee (S.T.C) by Ministry of Education in 2001. Her extensive experience in education sector has mainly been in the areas of educational assessment, teaching mathematics and school management. Ms. Hafeeza Afeef has over 18 years of experience in the education sector.


Fathimath Sodiq

Ms. Fathimath Sodiq is a graduate from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, W.A who holds a Masters Degree in Master of Education. She has a sound knowledge and experience in the field of education and teaching with different age groups. From 1987 she started her career in the field of teaching and had been the Head of Department at the Faculty of Education of the Maldives College of Education from 2003 to 2005. She joined Mandhu College in 2015 as a Senior Lecturer. She is currently teaching for Diploma in Education and Bachelors of Education.


Ahmed Fayaz Hassan

Mr. Ahmed Fayaz hassan has been working in Mandhu College since 2014. He obtains BA (hons) Business and Leadership from University of Nothumbria, UK and Professional Marketing from, CIM, UK. He has also completed Diploma in Management from Leicester University, UK and Diploma in School Management from Malaysia. Mr. Fayaz has extensive experience in the field of education and management. He is currently teaching for Bachelors degree in Education and Bachelors Degree in Business.


Ahmed Fazeel

Mr. Ahmed Fazeel has obtained his first degree in commerce from the University of Pune, India and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Open University of Malaysia. He has extensive experience in the field of finance budgeting before joining Mandhu College.

Abdulla Hassan

Mr.Abdulla Hassan is a science graduate (statistics and mathematics) from Bangalore university of India. He has a vast experience in the field of Finance and Debt management and has represented Maldives in various international workshops on Debt management. Mr. Abdulla Hassan is currently lecturing in Mandhu College Bachelor of Business Programme.


Dinny Chacko

Mr. Dinny Chacko has been working with the Ministry of Education, Maldives for the past ten years in the field of teaching. He obtains a Masters Degree in Business Administration specialized in Information Systems from Sikkim Manipal University, India in the year 2014. His past employment includes a wide spectrum of work including; secondary school education related projects in the field and conducting and evaluation of the examinations. From 2015 onwards he has been working as Management Lecturer, at Mandhu College.


Ibrahim Rasheed

Mr. Ibrahim Rasheed is a graduate from Melbourne University, Australia who holds a Post Graduate in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. His spectrum of work includes mainly at the educational management levels including supervisory roles. He had been working at Mandhu College from 2014 as a Quality Assurance Monitoring Director/ Lecturer.


Shankar Sivapathasuntharam

Mr. Shankar Sivapathasuntharam had been lecturing in Mandhu College since 2010. He has completed English Language Programme and Trained Teacher’s Certificate from National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka. He later completed ODA Primary English Project Course from British Council Language Center, where he proceeded further in his studies in Advanced English Language Practice and Study Skills. In 1997, he completed Primary TESOL from University of Leeds, England. Mr. Shankar had taught English Language in Sri Lanka for over 5 years and had been teaching in Maldives since then. At present, he is positioned in Mandhu College as an English Language Lecturer.


Wafa Waheed Mohamed

Ms. WafaWaheed Mohamed is lecturing in Mandhu College for Associate Degree in Teaching Primary and Middle School for General Linguistics and Psycho Linguistics. Ms. WafaWaheedhas over 25 years of experience in education sector of Maldives. Ms. Wafa has worked extensively in the education sector, served as Assistant Principal of Center for Higher Secondary Education from 2002 to 2005, and Head of Aminiya School from 2005 to 2012. Furthermore, Ms. Wafa worked as the Executive Director for Education in Islanders Maldives Private Limited and is currently working as English Language Teacher in Villa International. Ms. Wafa Completed BA (Hons) Education from University of Brighton, East Sussex, UK in 2001.


Fathimath Hushama

Ms. Hushama has completed Diploma in Primary and Middle School teaching in 2008, Associate Degree in teaching Primary and Middle School in 2011 and Bachelors of Education in 2012 from Mandhu College. Ms. Hushama worked as an Assistant Teacher in Billabong High International School and Maldives Autism Association in 2011. Currently, Ms. Hushama is positioned in Dharumavantha School as a Coordinator and Primary Teacher. She is lecturing in Mandhu College, Foundation for Degree Level Studies and Diploma in Teaching Primary and Middle School.


Ahmed Mujthaba

Mr. Ahmed Mujthaba has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Dhivehi from the Maldives National University. From 2008 onwards he has been working as a Dhivehi Language teacher at Aminiya School. Currently, he is a Language Teacher at Mandhu College teaching Foundation Course for Diploma Level Studies and Advanced Certificate in Office Management.


Ismail Aiman Hassan

Mr. Ismail Aiman Hassan who holds a Masters Degree in Master of Business Administration from Open University of Malaysia in 2012 has a broad knowledge in management skills, computer management and networking and other related skills in the field of study. From 2005 he has been serving in various organizations. Currently, he is a lecturer at Mandhu College teaching Human Resource Management subjects.


Aminath Fazna

Ms. Aminath Fazna, who is an experienced, enthusiastic and hardworking qualified teacher, with 9 years of experience in teaching mathematics to students of grade 8, 9 and 10. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Teaching Secondary from Maldives College of Higher Education. Her areas of expertise include; teach core and extended syllabus of IGCSE Mathematics course preparation of exam papers and a leading role as a leading teacher. She has been a lecturer at Mandhu College from 2012 onwards as a lecturer in Numeracy Skills.


Aminath Inan Abdul Muhsin

Ms. Aminath Inan Abdul Muhsin is a graduate from the University of Western Sydney who holds a degree in Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science). She possess an extensive knowledge across a range of environmental disciplines, to devise solutions spanning the scientific and social issues. Her experiences include Structural Advisor and Consultant at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Managing the Maldives as a Biosphere Reserve Project.


Mariyam Azleema

Ms. Mariyam Azleema holds a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology (Hon). She has been working at Mandhu College from from 2014 onwards as an IT lecturer. Her experiences working in the civil service include policy planning, project management programme monitoring and evaluation. She had been working in the teaching field for four years including other colleges.


Deshani Koralege

Ms. Deshani Koralege is a graduate from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Laws. Her scope of work includes working as a legal intern for Human Rights Commission, Sri Lanka, researcher in the field of empowering livelihood programmes of tsunami affected people in coastal areas in Chennai, Kerala, Trivandrum in India and currently she is an Attorney-at-law. She started working with Mandhu College in 2014 as a lecturer in LLB programme.


Fathimath Hushama

Ms. Fathimath Hushama is a graduate of 2013 from Mandhu College who holds a degree in Bachelor of Education in Primary and Middle School. Her work experiences from 2011 in teaching field includes teaching for children with special needs as well. She started her work with Mandhu College in 2014 as a Lecturer for Diploma in Teaching.


Hussain Majid

Mr. Hussain Majid is a graduate from University of East Anglia, UK who holds a Master’s Degree in Master of Arts in Education. His experience include various trainings from in country and abroad which includes workshops and capacity development workshops linked with his field of work. From 1987 onwards he has been working in the field of education and training in different posts as well as been in the position of the Head Master. He has been working at Mandhu College from 2014 as a Lecturer of Social Sciences and Education related subjects.


Kaumadi Shanika Glagedara

Ms. Kaumadi Shanika Glagedara, is a graduate from the Law College of Sri Lanka. Her professions include Attoney-at-law and consultant, commissioner of oaths, notary public and company secretary. She joined Mandhu College as a Part time Lecturer in the LLB programme.


Kevin Magati Muse

Mr. Kevin Magati Muse holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management from the International School of Information Management, University Of Mysore, India. His scope of work in the field includes; post of IT Supervisor, ICT Manager and Assistant Marketing Manager. Major duties and responsibilities of his work comprises of project management, data analysis and conducting trainings. He stated working with Mandhu College in 2014 as a Part time Lecturer of Information Technology


Mohamed Shakir

Mr. Mohamed Shakir who is a graduate from Mandhu College in Bachelor of Education is a leading teacher in the field of education from the year 1996 till today. He started working at Mandhu College in 2014 as a Part time Lecturer in Mathematics.


Nuzula Gaseem

Ms. Nuzula Gaseem is a graduate who holds a degree in Bachelor’s of Teaching Mathematics (honors). Her scope of work includes as a school teacher and as a lecturer at Maldives Polytechnic. She started working at Mandhu College from 2014 as a Part time Lecturer in Mathematics.


A. Subramanyam Ramana

Mr. A. Subramanyam Ramana is a graduate from Magnu School of Business, Hyderabad, India who holds a Post Graduate in Business Administration. He had started his career as a teacher from 2003 in India and continued his career from 2009 at Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) Male’, Maldives. Besides he works as a lecturer in other private colleges. He started working with Mandhu College in 2014 as a Part time Lecturer in Business/Management.


Syed Noor Mohammed

Mr. Syed Noor Mohammed holds a B.Sc (M.P.C), M.A., B.Ed with Mathematics and a teaching qualifications in Diploma in Computer Engineering (A.T.I.E.P.I) from the Government of India. His seventeen years of experience include teaching at the Centre for Higher Secondary Education, Male’, Maldives. He started working with Mandhu College in  2015 and is currently teaching for our LLB programme.


Yumna Saleem

Ms. Yumna Saleem is a graduate from Open University Malaysia who holds a Bachelor of Education (Education Administration) with Honours. She started her career in 2001 as a Primary Teacher and has been holding the position of School Deputy Principal from 2009 till 2012. She started working with Mandhu College from 2015 as a Part time Lecturer.


Mohamed Firaz

Mr Mohamed Firaz is a Graduate from JSS College of Arts, ޝommerce and Science, University of Mysore, India. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Open University, Malaysia. Mr.Firaz has been in the field of Education playing versatile roles for the last 10 years. Mr. Firaz is lecturing in Mandhu College Master of Business Administration.

Nadira Ismail

Dr. Nadira Ismail is a well-known educationist and a former employee of ITE Maldives is currently working as a freelance Educational consultant stationed in Malaysia. She holds a doctorate in Education from the Philippine Women’s University. Dr.Nadira is lecturing in Mandhu College Master of Education Programme.

Haula Hamza

Ms. Haula Hamza holds a Masters in Curriculum and instruction from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She has a double degree in Education and Science. She started her career as a chemistry teacher at Jamaludeen and had held position as a subject coordinator as well , before Joining Mandhu College. Ms. Haula Hamza currently lectures in Mandhu College Bachelor of Education Programme.

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